Shulin Song



The smell of my grandmother cooking always made me feel happy and content during my childhood. She quietly took on the responsibility of caring for our large family, nurturing us through her culinary skills. To preserve these beautiful memories, I decided to recreate these wonderful moments through fashion design and materials, as a tribute to the happy childhood my grandmother gave me. 
Inspired by my grandma's love for making pasta, I created a variety of fabrics with textures and patterns resembling flour and dough. At the same time, the interactions I had with my grandma while she cooked remained profoundly memorable to me, such as her often wearing an apron and carrying me in a baby sling as she cooked. I have attempted to blend the design of baby slings and aprons into the silhouettes and details of my garments to replicate these tender moments with my grandma.

During the design process, it felt as though I was reliving my childhood with my grandma all over again. I hope that those who see this work can catch glimpses of their own sparkling childhood memories through the transformation of silhouettes, and also feel wrapped in the experiences they've created with their loved ones.
Video: Taste of The Past 旧日味迹
Image: LINE UP


Shulin Song is an innovative fashion designer from China, now based in New York after studying at Parsons School of Design. Specializing in fabric transformation, Shulin excels in exploring unique garment structures and silhouettes. She has a profound attraction to couture, particularly drawn to the meticulous detail work in clothing design.

Shulin enjoys weaving her personal stories into her designs, presenting them in captivating ways. Her creations are experimental and inventive, merging memories of her past with cutting-edge techniques, making her designs distinctly unique and deeply personal.