Shreya Pillai



I delve into the rich and intricate threads of my childhood and manifest those imagery in Dekko.  It is intricately linked to the colors, cultures and the celebrations of my roots in a vibrant India and from thereon the multi-cultural landscape that is Dubai and now New York.

Dekko is the result of a careful examination of my personal image archives- which include the sights, sounds and cultural nuances that shaped my formative years. I aim to illuminate the transformative power of recollections and of rediscovering the past that has left an imprint in shaping my present identity.

My shapes and silhouettes are inspired by garments I wore as a child. In these childhood photos, I am wearing clothes that are both traditional and at the same time infused with elements of the west. I have sought to create a collection that marries and balances out these two worlds, whilst also playing with proportion, volume, and color.

The word "dekko" also symbolizes these multiple influences. In Hindi, the word "dekho" means to look or to see while in English “deco” also means an ornament. The anglicization of the word and its pronunciation in both Hindi and English show how the clothes in this collection are adorned in a heritage ornament like fusion mix.


With roots tracing back to India and a childhood nurtured amidst the vibrant landscape of Dubai, Shreya Pillia has cultivated a unique blend of cultural influences that help her explore the tradition informed by these new cultures and ideas. For Dekko, she was inspired by personal image archives from her time in India, as well as her fascination with the rich history of traditional Indian textiles to translate these into something for the modern eye. The product is wearable garments that are encoded with the same delicacy but with a subversion of the craft and texture.