Shenmin Wan



This project thesis delves into the captivating relationship between fashion design and the human body, recognizing the profound impact that different body parts have on the evolution of clothing aesthetics. Every body part has different shapes and functions, just as different garments have different meanings to me. Driving deeper into the topic, I want to reflect on the issue of this modern day about people chasing after their desired “perfect body shapes” in a negative way. I believe we all should preserve great admiration for our own unique body, and understand that we all are unique individuals and should be proud of it. 
In this project, I want to create designs based on some of the well known “perfect body” to satirize this issue among many of us, and hopefully help people to feel good about their own body, and understand their “imperfections” are just perfect.
Image: X-ray human body sketches
Image: Long exposure to capture some silhouettes


Hello, my name is Shenmin Wan, majoring in Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. I have always been passionate about fashion and have years of experience in garment making, accessory design and digital creation. I love exploring different fields of design such as deconstruction, sustainability in recycling and upcycling, and etc. With my Chinese heritage, I'm interested in working in multicultural designs and designing to reflect on social issues. I hope to keep pursuing a meaningful fashion career in the future while I can use my creativity in my design work to help change the world.