shangqi wu



My thesis collection, "Outsider," delves into the philosophical inquiry of existential engagement, inspired by Albert Camus’s "The Stranger". I question my discursive experience of perception via studying the poignant experience of disengagement.
Drawing inspiration from photography, literature and philosophical discourse, this collection displays wearable costumes to isolation and self-awareness. Materialising abstract into tangible fabrics, I aim to ground experience by wearables. Weaving the structure of the Möbius strip into articles of clothings invites wearers into a dance with ambiguity, where the delineation of the garment blurs. Redefinition of the act of dressing encourages a meditative engagement with the multiplicity of meaning.
Image: The state of an outsider is presented through both physicality and spirituality. To me, existence is truly understood when intentional awareness of detached observation is brought into conscious.
Sustainability is woven into the collection's ethos, manifested through timeless design and selective color palettes. The versatility of each piece promotes a sustainable approach to fashion, encouraging wearers to explore multiple styles and embrace creativity.
"Outsider" stands as a testament to the possibilities that emerge at the intersection of philosophical exploration and artistic expression, offering a wardrobe that is not only a statement of personal identity but also a reflection on the existential journey of the self.
Image: Reversible Jacket with hood
taffeta and double sided wool
Trouser with adjustable belt
pure cotton
Image: wool knit and cotton cape

coating cotton and wool
knit adjustable into overall


With an inherent appreciation for the serene beauty of nature, Shangqi Wu weaves the essence of the natural world into every stitch and silhouette. Inspired by the simplicity and functionality found in everyday life, Shangqi Wu champions a design philosophy that advocates for 'less is more'—yet always with a playful twist. Muted colors dominate the palette, speaking volumes through their subdued elegance, and each design is crafted with a keen eye for minimalism that does not compromise on functionality. Shangqi Wu ’s collections are a testament to the belief that true style is about making a subtle statement and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.