Serrera Jingya Hu



My camping experience sparked the genesis of this collection. The ingenuity of erecting space with fabric and poles inspired me. As I delved into structural experiments, I became fascinated by the interplay between the tent and its spaces. Drawing from this exploration, I designed garments to interact dynamically with the wearer, emphasizing the creation of dynamic space between them and the garment.
Tents and canopies stand out for their ability to change shape. Users can adjust support poles and tensioning systems to alter the structure's form and size according to their preferences and needs. I've incorporated this flexibility into my designs.
Some tents are also composed of fluid curved structures: this design not only enhances wind resistance but also reduces the likelihood of water pooling during rainfall.
The tunnels inside the tent enhance its flexibility. These tunnels provide a means for inserting support poles, allowing to strategically place these poles and create unique structures.
Leveraging this feature, this collection is able to have various structural transformations .
Through multiple iterations of structural and draping experiments, I developed an interest in the relationship between the tent and its internal and external spaces.
Recognizing the interconnectedness between the tent's occupants, clothing, and wearers, I distinguish the internal and external spaces in this collection by employing different colors.


Designer & Creative Director: Serrera Hu
Photographer: Zac Cheo
Model: Bella Carosello
MUA: Juna Uehara
Special Thanks: Hugo Chao & Jax Zhou


Jingya Hu (Serrera Hu) is a designer who believes that creativity knows no limits. With a passion for pushing the boundaries, she explores a diverse range of materials and techniques. Central to Serrera's creative philosophy is her view of clothing as a dynamic space for interaction with the wearer. She sees garments as vessels for spatial dynamics. This perspective fuels her quest to create pieces that engage with the wearer on a deeper level.