Saylor Quin

Life is a rainbow of emotional experiences, I want to create a celebration of life through the acceptance of this entire spectrum. Achieving this through highlighting the "low" parts as the complection of this beautiful experience we call life and whatever is beyond that. Humanity is a complex color, a result of many primary colors intersecting over time. An ode, not to life or death but the expanse we contain.
The 2nd law of thermodynamics says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The natural ebb and flow of the cosmos that lives inside you. Yin and Yang. Frequency and Energy. Without sadness we are flat. My collection is an ode to this. An acceptance and honoring of the dark that accompanies the light. And a refusal to villainize or “fix” elements of ourselves. There is beauty in your sadness, there is safety in your multitudes.


I am using various artistic mediums such as digital, fine art, fashion design, photography and dance to represent my thoughts, findings, and journey combining this with the consciousness of those I share the earth with, finding solace in an acceptance of the rainbow of the human experience. “Good” or “bad”

I’m interested in the intersection of ancient forms of knowledge within the landscape of our hyper digital and post post modern world. I think it's possible for both of these modes of knowledge to co create our reality in harmony if we make sense of it together.