Rosannie Zeng


Eternal Reverie: A Journey Through Life’s Möbius

Exploring the profound cycles of birth, maturation, deterioration, the transitional bardo, and rebirth, inspired by personal experiences during a loved one’s passing that affirmed my belief in reincarnation and bardo.
The collection features evolving designs and unconventional materials to depict each life stage within a continuous loop, symbolized by the Möbius strip, representing infinity and continuity.
Image: The birth stage, inspired by the purity and protective essence of a bubble, highlights innocence.
Image: Exploring the uterus, pelvis, and bubble for birth stage inspiration through screenprint, wire, foam, and fiber fill.
Image: Maturation is captured through delicate patchwork’s breaking and reassembling, evoking life's vibrant complexities, with armor structure symbolizing her protective barriers.
Image: The armor artifact not only symbolizes the bursting bubble but also serves as a continuous design element from the birth stage, signifying her transition to facing the real world independently, with parental protection evolving into her own means of defense.
Image: The deterioration stage, influenced by nature’s withered and decayed flora, is depicted in distressed fabrics and somber hues to portray life’s decline.
Image: Exploring skeletons, rusty houses, bark, and rotten food for inspiration. Techniques include burning, diluting water-soluble fabrics, and wrinkling.
Image: Ethereal, fluid designs define the bardo stage, illustrating the soul's transitional uncertainty, while the rotating bardo hat represents flashbacks of life memories.
Image: Inspired by traditional Chinese carousel lanterns and informed by 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.' Explores themes of desire during the bardo stage—money, love, food, jewelry. Techniques include using wire and bearings for the hat's structure, and chiffon and organza to capture the blurriness and uncertainty.
Image: The Rotating Bardo Hat
Image: The rebirth stage, with tremendous white wigs inspired by elder wisdom, and a Möbius strip artifact symbolizing infinity, underscores the continuation of life cycles.
Image: Drawing inspiration from gray hair and the Möbius strip. The entire dress is adorned with white hair, symbolizing a collection of generations woven into the fabric.
Image: Beading hidden within the white hair
Image: The reincarnation moment
Video: Full Video: From Birth to Rebirth — Traversing the Eternal Cycle
“Eternal Reverie” challenges traditional views on mortality, advocating a deeper understanding of our existence and celebrating life’s eternal cycle.


Rosannie Zeng, a Chinese artist raised in Canada and based in NYC, was once lost and near depression, however, finding her way through art and fashion. She uses clothing, our most intimate material, to express profound life emotions. An intuitive and spontaneous creator, she captures her emotions, hopes, and worldviews in her art.

Passionate about handcrafting, Rosannie believes it conveys deep emotions and impacts beyond words. Her art reflects her life stories, beliefs, and aesthetics, making art a crucial part of her identity. Each creative phase varies as her insights evolve. Rosannie aims for her viewers to not only appreciate the present moment through her work but also to be inspired.