Rojin Jung

Image: Designer: Rojin Jung
Photography: Rojin Jung, William Isaac Lockhart
Models: Kai Wang, Tianna Gurwich
Assistants: Aahaan Tandon, Rory Nolan, Satoshi Arimura, Madison Yim


Rojin Jung challenges the modern ideals of comfort as he embraces imperfection and failure as a means to constantly evolve. Through his work, he encourages the audience to break out of patterns of living that trap them both physically and mentally. Through various motifs and themes found both in the fabrication and silhouettes of the garments, he plays on this idea of deceptive comfort and the necessity to reject it. Using personal experiences of overcoming adversities as a reference for his work, he depicts the struggles that come with leaving the familiar and seeing true change. He believes that the human condition forces us to be in a constant fight against not only our surroundings but our own minds.

Only through overcoming pain and making the hard decisions to embrace discomfort and failure can we achieve true growth and change. We must live fearlessly and understand that we are ultimately the ones who are in control of our destiny.

Rojin is the founder of "BROKEN PATTERNS" and is a Parsons Scholarship Recipient.