Rocky Yang



This thesis fashion collection articulates a personal and contemporary exploration of loneliness within cyberpunk and weirdcore aesthetics, using unconventional materials such as latex, washed denim, and dyed fabrics alongside innovative techniques like tape binding, waxing, and zigzag stitching. These choices reflect the fragmented and harsh realities of modern society, emphasizing the contrast between the outer world's technological connectivity and the inner world's emotional isolation. It also reflects how a delusional idealist lives in this harsh contemporary life.
The collection, through its unique materiality and design, captures the essence of liminal spaces—those in between areas of transition and uncertainty—mirroring how individuals navigate their sense of solitude amidst the bustling, interconnected urban environment. By presenting these themes through fashion, the collection not only challenges conventional style narratives but also invites a deeper reflection on the complex, often contradictory experiences of loneliness in contemporary life.




Video:Joen John

Model: Woosik

Assist: Victoria