Qinyu Zhang


Soul's Journey

Inspired by Raymond Moody's "Life After Life," this fashion project seeks to understand and portray near-death experiences through design. It poses a profound question: What would I see and how would I feel if I died in the next moment?

"Life After Life" offers firsthand accounts of near-death experiences, describing them as journeys filled with profound emotions and memories. This project imagines my own near-death experience, dividing it into stages like the approach of death, passage, soul departure, and memory recall, and creatively representing these on clothing. The collection uses a narrative style to conduct in-depth exploration of these critical stages, presenting them sequentially in the designs.

In conclusion, this project stands as a unique intersection between the profound experiences of near-death and the expressive medium of fashion design. By delving into the personal and universal aspects of life's final moments, it creates a narrative that is both intimately personal and universally resonant.


Qinyu Zhang is a fashion designer originally from Hangzhou, China. She's currently studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York.

Qinyu is passionate about exploring innovative materials, and she enjoys integrating fabric with other materials in her designs to create new textures and elevate the aesthetic appeal of her garments. Her approach showcases her commitment to blending traditional techniques with modern innovations.