Parker Zinn


The Long, Delirious, Burning Blue

The Long, Delirious, Burning Blue stands as a testament of my love for my hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Through methodical hand-focused techniques and locally sourced fibers, a rich iconography of Southern references are explored, resulting in a vibrant curation of sentimental materialities.
With a focus on the elevation of Southern kitsch, references are distilled to embody the essence of Chapel Hill, the Southern experience, and the myriad of diverse beauty that differentiates Chapel Hill from surrounding small towns in America.

Image: Beaded argyle basketball shorts + cropped hand-knit sweater with local North Carolinian yarn (50% Mohair, 25% Nygora, 25% French Angora blend).
Image: Felted jacket and bubble skirt with bias binding. Comprised of wool roving and Angora fiber; dyed with acid dye. Wet felted, needle felted, and hand embroidered.
Image: Beaded top with 100% Merino wool hand-knit cabled sweatpants.
Image: 100% Alpaca hand-knit overalls.
Image: Hand-knit 100% Merino wool cable knit gown.
Image: Beaded, embroidered, and felted "Sweet Cheeks" hot shorts. All executed by hand. Alpaca and wool roving blend is hand-dyed with acid dye.
Image: Hand-dyed and hand-knit intarsia "Henrietta" sweater with a motif o Dad and his favorite chicken as a child, Henrietta. 100% Alpaca yarn.
Image: Denim overall gown with functional bib. All interiors finished with gingham bias binding.
Image: Back closures consist of buckle hardware and bib straps with concealed interior buttons.

Line Sheet

A closer look at the collection.

Campaign Team

Photography: Lawrence De Leon
Stylist: Ariel Wu
Talent: Madison Contento, Vaughn Doré, Margot Adams
Makeup Artist: Chyla Guerro
Hair Stylists: Ava Mihaljevich, Aya Yamashita

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Thank you to the most supportive, loving family. None of this would have been possible without you. You are my greatest sources of inspiration, motivation, and my best friends. I love you more than you know.

Mama + Dad + Lolo
Grandma + Grandpa

Thank you to my mentors, teachers, and creative inspirations. You have shaped me into the artist and person that I am today.

Lyn Caponera
Neil Grotzinger
Mary Beth McDermott
Candacie Schrader
Eileen Hogan
Julie Gurley
Thank you to my collaborators. Your contributions to this collection are truly invaluable.

Shady Acres Farm
Avillon Farm
Catskill Merino
Shalimar Alpaca
New York Embroidery Studio
Jasmyne Pierre


Parker Zinn is an American fashion designer and recent graduate of Parsons School of Design. Her work is deeply rooted in the tradition of Southern heritage, influenced by her transformative years spent in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Zinn’s design language is informed by her graphic interpretations of hand-intensive techniques — knitting, beading, felting, and embroidery are central to her material process. Zinn’s designs aim to simultaneously evoke experiences of universal nostalgia while promoting and exploring material innovation.