Minjae Kim


“Sole to Stitch: Exploring the fusion of shoemaking and Garment Construction”

My thesis collection “Sole to Stitch” delves into the idea of merging shoemaking material and process with garment design, exploring the hypothetical scenario of shoemaker transitioning into garment production. Shoemaker, the main character in the scenario is myself. I expertise in shoemaking and leather work and wanted to explore the creative possibilities if I were to use the techniques and knowledge of footwear design into garment construction. The collection delves into the creative process of envisioning footwear design concepts which are refined and adapted into a wearable garment. Furthermore, I explored how more delicate fabrics like lace which are typically used in garment making can be modified to suit shoe construction, then reimagined the technique back into garment. The highlight of the collection is observing the techniques used to construct each garment and how the softer material of garment production is used alongside heavier materials of shoe construction.
Image: Leather Dyeing Samples


Minjae Kim is a South Korean fashion designer graduated from Parsons School of Design renowned for his expertise in footwear design, leatherwork and leather garment production. Kim specializes in leather molding, dyeing, and other various hand-intensive craftsmanship techniques, showcasing his mastery of traditional skills. He places a strong emphasis on silhouette and understands human anatomy, particularly joint movement, to minimize restriction even with heavier materials like leather. Kim's creations seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics, reflecting a harmonious balance between form and function. Moreover, he enjoys exploring new methods of utilizing materials, constantly pushing the boundaries of design innovation. For instance, Kim has been known to experiment with unconventional materials from different areas of fashion, such as garment production, shoe construction and jewelry making, demonstrating his ability to bridge diverse aspects of fashion and create truly unique pieces.

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