Min Kyung Lee

Image: 좌정관천 · 坐井觀天: (坐) sit, (井) well, (觀) insight, (天) sky.


Min Kyung (Esther) Lee is a fashion designer born in Seoul, but was raised in California along Korea. She believes she has a different perspective of viewing the world than most people, and hopes there are others that can view the world through her lens. Her work is developed through learning from experience, being extremely meticulous and observant of details. Through the medium of fashion, design, and art, Min Kyung aspires her work will reach the audience who may be able to empathise with her, that will be able to feel a sense of closeness. She regards clothing as a tool in expressing one’s character, and hopes that her designs will be able to add to one’s personality. 


Email: esthery7@gmail.com

Instagram: @estherlzzz


Photographer: Chiu Pok Kwan / @onlyabowl

Photography/Video Editing & Assistant: Ryan Qian, Zhaobojun,

Models: Ashley Chang, Roxanne Zhao

MUA: Marisa Reif

Assistant: Yu Jung Kim, Dongho Shin