Michelle Xiaoyu Hu

After Human is a 5-look knitwear collection inspired by the old neighborhood where mygrandfather lives in Shanghai. As someone who grew up and has been living in citysurroundings, I am fascinated by the contrast between old concrete buildings and vital plants, asvines are climbing on top of the cracked walls while mosses are coming out of the humidcorners of the bricks. It leads me to think about an overgrowing world after we human beingsdisappear. What would the world look like when it is back to nature’s hands?
Throughout the process of this collection, I am transforming my impression of an overgrowingcity to different textiles that not only emphasize the charm of nature, but also capture the beautyof cities that our civilization creates. The combination of knitwear and beading also implies myown complicated feelings towards the relationship between human civilization and plant life.
Image: LOOK 1
sweater vest dress knitted with scrap knit fabrics with hex nut embellishments
styled with beaded necklace and brown wool tights
Image: LOOK 2
crocheted vine top with bead and hex nut embellishments
skirt with patterned beaded crochet godet panels and loose beaded crochet gores
styled with beaded waist chain
Image: LOOK 3
high neck knit dress with jump ring embellishments
styled with steel chip belt, copper lizei cuff bracelet, and crochet headband
Image: LOOK 4
beaded crochet tube top and mesh crochet shorts
styled with thin crochet scarf
Image: LOOK 5
mesh crochet coat with hand rugged mosses
styled with thin crochet scarf


Michelle Xiaoyu Hu is a Chinese knitwear designer based in New York and

Shanghai. She draws inspiration from her background revolving around

unbreathable cities and her continuous inner desire to escape. During her

years of study at Parsons School of Design, she has developed her own

world of textiles to express her complicated feelings towards her upbringing

and her consistent love for nature. She mixes traditional techniques with

unconventional materials and cultures to create a series of fun and delicate

wearables. She aims to spread her city escapism with people who are also

looking to breathe from their suffocating realities.