Meige Yu


CULT 1001

The collection, “1001” is a world yet to be born, where my dreams, my past, my demons reside. This number holds significant meaning in mysticism as creation and infinity, and it also memorializes the cherished unit number of my childhood home, a place where I had most bizarre dreams——I was never a god there; instead, I am mutilated, blessed, entangled, and thrown into endless whirlpools, slipping into the idea of death. This collection intricately explores the nexus between vulnerability and transgression, and the gap it tears on my existence. Fragility is a romantic agency, it navigates me through the liminal spaces between taboos and courage.
Image: Look 1: The Excutioner- "Achillia"
Image: The building process of a fragile transparent sheer armor
Image: Look 2: The Prisoner - "Looking through the swirling iron windows"
Image: Look 3: The High Priest - summoner in a magic circle
Image: Texitile: Devore technique, etching the fabric like a burn out
Image: Look 4: The Disciple - Military from school
Image: Embroidery detail: Symbol and font design for 1001
Image: Look 5: The Sacrifice - "the wounded man and her daggers"
Image: Hair accessories as mourning jewelry