Māhie Hochuli


Paniolo Elegance

As I reflect on my upbringing on the small island of Kaua’i, I find myself enveloped by a culturally rich and uniquely beautiful environment. I grew up hearing stories about my family's deep ties to the Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) lifestyle. My grandparents raised cattle and my mother spoke often and fondly of their rugged country living. This collection pays tribute to my family's Paniolo heritage and I feel honored to tell the beautiful story of the Hawaiian Cowboy through my thesis collection.
In the current cultural renaissance sweeping through Hawai'i, there is a growing resurgence of pride and a fervent desire among Native Hawaiians to reclaim our islands, culture, and heritage. As a Native Hawaiian, I believe it is my responsibility to leverage my skills, resources, and creative craft to empower the younger generation of Hawaiians today.
Image: Family photos
Image: The Palaka Corset Dress
Image: The Yoke Dress
Image: Handpainted Pa'u Dress
Image: Paniolo Shirt Dress
Image: The Bridal Look





Research Photos

Ho'ohieokalā Luna-Beamer

Hilina'i Hochuli

Sophie Carswell

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