Maeve McLaughlin


Directed by Maeve McLaughlin
Director of Photography Andrew Lin
Produced by Booklight Films


I describe my childhood as nomadic, changing schools, countries, and houses every few years. At each school I attended, I was placed in a new environment, community, and uniform. One of the few unchanging factors of my childhood was wearing a uniform - to me, it was tangible evidence of consistency.  One way I found solace in an everchanging upbringing was the hour of recess. I linked my uniform with this time for designated enjoyment and play. 
Disrupting the conventional aspects of a typical uniform, I drew inspiration from the dynamics of movement and spontaneity during playtime to shape the visual narrative of my thesis. This approach aimed to infuse elements of vitality and unpredictability into the design, breaking away from traditional notions of uniformity.
Recess honors the beauty of childhood innocence and freedom, and captures the moments that become foreign to us as we enter adulthood.
Image: Look One
Image: Look Two
Image: Look Three
Image: Look Four
Image: Look Five


Maeve McLaughlin

Maeve McLaughlin is a multimedia artist honing her craft in fashion design and directing. Growing up as a third-culture kid, immersed in diverse environments, she finds her creative influence in childhood experiences, memory, and heritage. Embracing ideas of nostalgia, Maeve’s design process is a blend of archival exploration and visual storytelling. Her designs begin through examining and researching archival resources and imagery related to her subject, using these to inform silhouette, color, and mood. Central to Maeve’s ethos is a mission to superimpose childhood joy back into the design industry, prioritizing authenticity and emotional resonance in every creation.