Lily Dozer

Image: God Please Bless This House - by Lily Dozer
Image: God Please Bless This House is an experimental ready to wear collection exploring rebellion in American suburban youth culture. God Please Bless this House invites viewers on a journey with creator Lily Dozer through small town middle America as we come together in a search of self and agency. With inspiration from the 70’s and 90’s radical movements, viewers are asked what can we rebel against and what does this rebellion reveal about ourselves? God please Bless this House puts an emphasis on DIY culture and the grunge movement that put these ideals on a pedestal, allowing for more accessibility within the fashion system.

God Please Bless This House
further places an emphasis on craft and materiality - a callback to Lily Dozers Wisconsin roots. Bleaching deadstock florals and flannels, making use of knitwear, and utilizing small safety pin handwork. With an emphasis on craft, lines can be drawn back to the collections inspiration as well as Lily Dozers background. Allowing the wearer to be taken further into the world of Americana suburban culture and the ideals surrounding the space.God Please Bless This House is a collection curated for the average person of any gender identity looking to rebel in what they wear. With bright colors and patterns as well as texture mixing, God Please Bless This House is made for a consumer who wants their clothing to aid in their personal identity exploration while staying true to a need to oppress the status quo.

God Please Bless This House questions the Americana suburban ideals of comfortability. It is a collection celebrating femme rebellion while analyzing and paying respect to the path of youth resistance. If suburbia and the structures that surround it are cold and rigid - God Please Bless This House is the physical rebellion of these ideas allowing fashion to be a juxtaposition to the structures that detach us from our own sense of self.

I do not fear death for I have faith


Lily Dozer is a New York based fashion designer with an interest in textiles and craft techniques. Growing up in Wisconsin, she values craft above all else when it comes to her design work. Exploring techniques like knitting, quilting, crocheting, beading, and various other handwork. Aside from craft and textile work, Lily values color and story telling in order to invite both viewers and wearers into her world and work. In the past, Lily has worked at Stuart Weitzman on the design team aiding in the work of building a shoe collection for the brand. Aside from her work at Stuart Weitzman Lily has interned at both Christan Cowan and Bonnie Young as well as working in millinery at the Brooklyn based brand Heads of State. Furthermore she freelances costumes for Culpid dance, a non profit dance collective championing queerness and women in the arts. When it comes to her personal work, she is most inspired by the crafty women in her family as well as 90’s films and bands, authors like Cookie Mueller, and performance based art. With a strong love of costuming, Lily works towards giving her collections an underlying feel of costume even if said collection is ready to wear. Lily deeply values accessibility when it comes to her design work. Pairing this with her narrative based nature, Lily hopes all viewers and wearers will find a piece of hope and light throughout her work.