Lei Xiang



In the steady hum of a factory, where uniform rows dictate the rhythm, a sense of self was forged. From yearning for individuality in a sea of sameness to the realization that these uniforms are intrinsic to that identity. This collection is inspired to embody a duality—uniformity infused with a spark of resistance. 
It harmonizes the paradox of unity and singularity, balancing the push to conform with the pull to stand out. Touched by traces of the familiar—a shade, a texture, a hidden pocket—each kindles the subtle comfort of the known. Together, they capture the universal experience of living in urban anonymity, finding quiet strength in solitude.


Raised in the industrial ambiance of a factory town, Lei Xiang draws deep inspiration from the structured rhythms of assembly lines and the profound emotions they evoke. This unique upbringing forged her artistic vision, which sees beauty in the structured and the serene. She has taken these early influences and transformed them into a fashion ethos that highlights the intrinsic relationship between an individual's environment and their identity. Her work bridges the contemporary and the timeless, harmonizing individuality with a uniform aesthetic to subtly rebel against the mundane. Lei aims to create a modern wardrobe characterized by defined silhouettes and a lively color palette, allowing for seamless mixing and matching across collections. This versatility promotes endless restyling, ensuring each piece not only remains relevant but also cherished. 

Lei Xiang is a 2023 Neiman Marcus Group x Fashion Scholarship Fund Scholar and 2024 UNESCO & Women@Dior Mentee.