Kay Keyue Wan



Kay is a Chinese fashion designer who studied at Parsons School of Design and Central Saint Martins, specializing in womenswear and knitwear. Her designs seamlessly integrate knitting techniques, silhouettes, and narratives. Skilled in using domestic and industrial knitting machines, Kay is also proficient in programming Stoll computerized knitting machines, which allows her to bring a wide array of ideas and creative concepts to life. She develops knit samples that perfectly align with the stories and silhouettes she envisions.

In her thesis collection, Kay explores a compelling fusion of Chinese educational culture and American sports aesthetics. By integrating elements of Chinese school uniforms with the dynamic spirit of American football, she has created a collection of knitwear that excels in both functionality and visual appeal. This collection harmoniously combines varied cultural silhouettes, resulting in garments that are both innovative and culturally rich.