K Kim

Image: 6. Deviation


Kyoung Kim,(K Kim)  a Korean American fashion designer based in New York, contributes his philosophy and experience into his design.His approach to collection conceptualization involves deeply exploring the meaning of a single word, drawing upon the philosophy, history, and personal experiences embedded within that word to craft storytelling. Through this process, he shapes the storyline of the collection and expands upon it as the foundation for design. Furthermore, he enjoys blending a single representative color and neutral tones in his collections, and exhibits a remarkable ability to design materiality that symbolizes each look.

He delights in conveying his story through fashion, expressing diverse designs sometimes intuitively and sometimes metaphorically. Additionally, while his works possess artistic qualities, he demonstrates the ability to commercialize his collection not merely as art pieces but through product collaborations.

With his Thesis project, the NANG-MAN Collection, K Kim invites viewers to share in his journey to his philosophical development into the collection.