Jiayue Jaime Lyu



Redefining luxury through sustainability and simplicity, the collection reflects a vision for a timeless, minimalist wardrobe that reduces fashion to its essentials. This move toward simplicity is a necessary response to the excesses of modern closets and the fleeting attraction of fast fashion, not just a matter of aesthetics. This collection, which focuses on a minimalist lifestyle, is an acknowledgment to the timelessness of basic designs and their quiet strength. 
The idea behind this collection is to create clothing that not only corresponds to the principles of minimalism but also pushes the limits of traditional minimalist design by integrating it with a contemporary, sophisticated feeling. As defended by Paul Horwich, “minimalism advocates a simple theory of truth, one that ascribes to a narrow logical function.”  The idea was to produce a line of designs which demonstrate an aesthetic that goes above the ordinary and reflect the elegance of simplicity without losing complexity. I want to demonstrate how these fundamentals—clean lines, color paletteS, and an understanding of silhouettes — can be elevated and reinvented to produce a collection that is at once classic and modern. 


Jiayue Jaime Lyu is a fashion designer from Wuxi, China. Jaime gets her eye of fashion from her grandmother who was a tailor. She remembers building her closet with her grandmother on their sewing machine at a very young age.

Throughout Jaime’s career, she challenged herself with innovative approach to fashion design, aiming to redefine minimalist aesthetics by blending contemporary trends with traditional tailoring principles. Inspired by the concept of minimalism art movement and “quiet luxury,” her designs emphasize her understanding of the fundamentals - clean lines, color palettes, and different proportions of silhouettes.

By focusing on the functionality and durability of the garments, Jaime addresses the challenges of fast fashion and advocates for intentional, enduring fashion pieces. Jaime’s design principles embrace designs which confine an aesthetic that goes above the ordinary and reflects the elegance of simplicity without losing complexity. Her work reflects a dedication to reimagining fashion through minimalism, where simplicity and functionality meet luxury and modernity.