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Whisper of Her Soul is a personal journey for me as a modern woman to find a way to connect with courageous women from the past. This collection’s inspiration is women's inner strength and self-resilience to live independently and positively. During my research, I found a female-specific written script named Nüshu, invented and used by peasant women in Hunan, China. The invention of Nüshu embodies the awakening of women's inner selves when they were forced to obey their families. It’s all about self-healing by using their own script to write, sing, and communicate with others. I want to use this collection to celebrate the brave women of the past and show the women’s spiritual strength we should have in modern society.
The practice of weaving provided me with a unique means of building resilience. For me, weaving has evolved into a practice that brings about transformation—a concrete way to express the strength that comes from vulnerability. I immersed myself in learning the craft and dedicatedly weaved textiles using raw silk yarn.

Through this collection, I want to honor not only the courageous women of the past, but also highlight the spiritual strength of modern women. Each garment and textile I created is a manifestation of my journey toward self-resilience, echoing the echoes of women who came before, weaving stories of strength, empowerment, and independence.
Image: Look III
Image: The Floor Loom
Image: Plain Woven Dress with Dyed Silk Yarn

Weaving Moment of Look II
Image: LOOK II
Image: Weaving Process of LOOK II
Image: Natural Dyed Silk Yarn
Image: Look III: Hand Woven Textile with Natural Dyed Organza

Photoshooting Credit:

Designer: Jiayi Li
Photographer: Boyang
Model: Danelya Kassymova
Makeup Artist: Coco Zhu
Hair Stylist: Tomoaki Sato
Accessory Designer: Celine
Assistant: Cosmos Wang, Shiwen Chen, Jiawen, Jiangyuan Ai, Celine, Xiaobei Zhang, Tina Yang

Video Credit:

Designer: Jiayi Li
Director of Photography: Zaccheo Zhang
Photography Assistant: Fanyu
Cast: Roxanne Zhao
Makeup Artist: Shu Zhang
Assistant: Grace Zhang, Yinghui Zhou

Photoshooting for Weaving Process: Cosmos Wang, Emma Zhao


Jiayi Li, also known as Olivia, is a fashion and textile designer hailing from Beijing, China. She completed her high school education in Orlando, where her love for design began to blossom. Jiayi draws inspiration from the beauty of organic colors and textures while specializing in natural dyeing and hand weaving. She enjoys creating flowing silhouettes that capture the elegance and movement of the human form. Her approach to design is rooted in a deep appreciation for the craft of textile-making. Jiayi hopes to create textiles that resonate with people's emotions and create a sense of calm and connection.

ins: jiayili_li_

email: jiayili1906@gmail.com