Jiaohan (Joann) Lin


Panta Rhei

Extending from the idea in the philosophy of Heraclitus, the word ‘Panta Rhei’ means ‘everything flows.’ My thesis collection talks about the idea of impermanence, that things are existing in the constant flux of change, undergoing wearing and tearing. It is a project talking about how time carries life forward and leaves things behind. The collection illustrates how the process of disintegration, deterioration and break-down of physical materiality happens. The fashion form will juxtapose well-tailored pieces together with deconstructed garments and shredded-looking textile as contrast, aiming at achieving the decayed aesthetics through textile manipulation techniques such as screenprinting, fraying and machine knitting, which collectively convey a disintegrated beauty throughout the collection.
This is a collection that laments the loss. It is a call-back to the past. It is a commemoration of the Missing List of my personal memory. By approaching the abstract topic from a personal perspective, I list a few of my personal experiences relating to loss, showing how decay, deterioration and disintegration can happen to textile and garment structure. This collection aims at witnessing the trace of time and seeing how we inevitably say goodbye to things and people in life.


Honing a diverse range of artistic skills from an early age in China and receiving a Fine Art education in Singapore, Joann Lin's multicultural upbringing as an artist has been pivotal in her preparation for embarking on the journey of a fashion designer. Joann incorporated critical and creative thinking into her own creative journey. She also developed a deep appreciation for finesse, craftsmanship, originality, and authenticity in her work while exploring the realm of fashion.

Constantly pursuing life's intricacies and the beauty found in fleeting moments, Joann Lin's creative journey as a fashion designer is deeply rooted in her personal encounters and the everyday wonders that surround her. Joann remains committed to seeking resonance in spirituality through the medium of fashion and celebrating human emotions, bonding, and the diversity of life forms with a spirit of non-judgmental acceptance.