Jiahao Fang



Starting from understanding of my own interest in mythology and fascination with surreal force from a really young age, I am trying to explore the process of how the world was born and people’s way of thinking and documenting the objects at the beginning of history.
And I find out people always prefer to use monsters or other objects to note down unknown phenomena like weather and disaster which make me think the world comes from nothingness which is another form of chaos and gradually turn to have concrete form and certain order because of some unpredictable power and people's initial imagination. So my thesis is mainly discussing the relationship between chaos and order, applying the connection between them to my collection, engraving the process of the birth of the modern world into my design.


Image: Silhouette Exploration
Image: Print Pattern Design

Designer: Jiahao Fang

Photographer: Stefy Lin

Videographer: Yu Jiang

Shukmei Yuen
Shulin Song
Qinyu Zhang
Ziqi Wang

Makeup: Yunqi Ying

Hair: Tomoaki Sato

Model: Moya Omole
Xuyuan Yin


Jiahao Fang is a trailblazer in avant-garde fashion, blending surreal design with practical wearability. As a dedicated fashion student, Jiahao Fang specializes in pattern making and textile manipulation, creating pieces that challenge the traditional connection between concept and body. Skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and CLO 3D. Jiahao also excels in draping, embroidery, and laser cutting. Each design not only pushes creative boundaries but is also meticulously crafted for everyday wear, embodying a unique vision for the future of fashion.

ins: @_jiahaofang

email: 821263960f@gmail.com

phone: +1(310)9104913