Jean Yang

This project is a journey of capturing the balanced beauty of things within an imbalanced state.

At the stage of life that we try to learn to be an “adult”, many of us have discovered that there is something we have to “compromise”, or “learn” when dealing with life in a way that we are not used to.
The inspiration comes from the realization of differences and similarities between every individual. Sometimes our personalities or values would be on the two sides of the spectrum, yet we are all seeking for the“balance”- the balance of our inner feelings, the balance of relationships with others, and the balance of how we interact with the society and the environment.The concept is embodied by the development of form, utilizing experimental techniques with fabric and metal. The dichotomy of hardness and softness intermediates, and come to an harmonious state of coexisting.
Just like the full moon, being at its fullness after going through phases.



Jean is a designer who dedicates to craftsmanship and creative construction. With her knowledge of couture techniques, she sculpts bodies with various media including fabric and metal.  With the incorporation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, depth of contrast in shape and texture is seen in her design language.

Through years of cultivating a refined taste, her silhouettes are defined by elegance and profound narratives. Jean carries her emotional and philosophical aesthetic to a form to present using fashion as her media. It is the delicate and sentimental details in her work that tell the story of her words.