jason junki baek

Image: "The Razor's Edge" aims to reimagine the landscape of utilitarian clothing; drawing inspiration from motorcycle culture and the automotive industry as a whole. Motorcycle gear often features many functional details to help aid the rider remain comfortable, yet safe at the same time. How can these details be elevated to comfort the wearer and remain flattering and stylish? What would our clothes look and feel like if there was more of a focus on practicality? By utilizing the highest quality materials, integrating adjustable features, and streamlining silhouettes, this collection aims to embody a fusion of style and utility. From tailored leather pants to versatile jackets with excess amounts of pockets, each garment reflects the ethos of functionality without compromising on aesthetic appeal. This collection expresses its unique interpretation of fashion which embraces the spirit of freedom.


From Boston, originally born in Seoul, South Korea. First generation immigrant. First to graduate from college in my family.

About the Brand:

Baek Industries aims to create clothing while always keeping in mind

the aspects of utilitarianism first; All garments are designed to be

hyper-functional and to be worn over and over again. All Baek

products are created with sustainability in mind, and are all created

from organic or recycled materials. Each piece is meticulously

handmade in New York by our team or artisans, ensuring the highest

quality for every garment created.