Jasmine Wong


About Canton Discothèque

Canton Discothèque celebrates the electric fusion of cultures that defined the iconic Hong Kong disco scene of the 1980s & 1990s. Drawing inspiration from the collection’s namesake legendary hotspot, where Eastern mystique mingled with Western pizzazz, Canton Discothèque is a vibrant homage to an era steeped in allure and nostalgia. Through a synthesis of traditional Chinese textiles & Western tailoring, each ensemble embodies the spirit of cultural harmony & chic sophistication. Born from the tales of my parents, alongside my own vivid imaginings, Canton Discothèque speaks to a multicultural upbringing & a legacy of groovy glamor. Step into the world of Dear Gigi, where empowerment meets elegance on the dance floor.


Videographer: Laila Ines Liokouras
Photographer: Laila Ines Liokouras
Assistant: Timothy Cheng
Makeup: Ece Cosar & Krystelle Carrier
Abby Day
Araminta Lagrange
Kai Mbayo
Kiran D’Souza
Nadia O’Hara


Jasmine Wong, a Hong Kong native, infuses her designs with a deep respect for traditional Hong Kong tailoring & textiles, authentically reinterpreting them for the contemporary era. Wong's creations transcend mere aesthetics; they are a vibrant celebration of femininity & empowerment. Influenced by the artistry & seduction of burlesque, her pieces feature intricate corsetry, elaborate embellishment & bold silhouettes, meticulously designed to evoke an air of elegant empowerment & sensuality.

Under her label, Dear Gigi, Wong honors the memory of her late mother, Gigi, a former seamstress & model whose vivacious spirit permeates the essence of the brand's designs. Gigi's indomitable persona serves as the guiding inspiration behind every creation, infusing each piece with a palpable sense of defiant confidence & tenacity.

Dear Gigi's designs have garnered international acclaim, adorning the figures of esteemed musicians including Tokischa Popola & Sudan Archives. Additionally, the label has captured the attention of fashion luminaries such as Jean Paul Gaultier, who featured Dear Gigi with reverence on Instagram.


E-mail: bydeargigi@gmail.com

Instagram: @dear__gigi