Jamilla Zahir

Image: Restyling consisting of multiple looks

Collection Goals and Breakdown

My collection aims to interpret the feeling of comfort for the modern way of dressing inspired by traditional craft techniques. By referencing memories of my grandparent’s farmhouse, as well as ‘60s and Scandinavian fashion, I am translating historic material and applying it to our current context.  
By using my grandparents’ home as a vessel, I am able to tap into symbols that I view as personal, and therefore comforting. Through this theme, I explore how clothing lives more than one life by being handed down through generations and how meticulous craft is honored by being taught and viewed as a rite of passage. By combining craft techniques with woven upcycled textiles, these garments can become more appealing to a broader audience, as well as more adaptable and appropriate regardless of the occasion. By highlighting the process behind the production of clothes, as well as being mindful of the source of materials, overconsumption is warded off and appreciation of the process of garment-making as a whole is encouraged.
Image: Restyling consisting of multiple looks
Image: Look 4


Image: Look 1

Selection of Portfolio Pages

Image: Inspiration
Image: Initial Research
Image: Look 3 Process
Image: Look 4 Process


Jamilla Zahir, originally from The Bay Area, California studies a wide range of craft techniques and other garment-making methods. Specializing in knitting, crochet, and surface design, she employs these elements through the modern lens and explores these methods under broader themes such as culture, sustainability, and community.