Jada Chen



Jada Chen is a New York-based designer with roots in Vancouver, Canada. Her work is heavily influenced by her academic upbringing and environment, drawing inspiration from brutalist architecture, natural forms, and philosophy. As the daughter of a mathematics professor and a descendant of several generations of academics, she is fascinated by abstract theories, grounding highly conceptual and theoretical concepts in her physical work. Chen’s work reflects a dynamic interplay of ideas and forms, intended to provoke reflections on the human experience.

Jada Chen’s collection interprets Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” through the lens of Carl Jung. It explores the multifaceted aspects of human nature by visualizing each character’s Jungian archetype, centered around the theme of transformation. 

The collection envisions a world that merges historic themes with post-apocalyptic ones, juxtaposing brutalist architecture with delicate drapes. The conscious mind wrestles with the conflict between good and evil, seeking to reconcile the positive and negative forces within the unconscious. The interplay between destruction and resurrection, death and rebirth in the play, symbolizes the psychological challenge of harmonizing these dualities.

Can the tempest serve as a bridge between these opposites—a catalyst for transformation and a force that, while highlighting dichotomies, also paves a path to reconciliation and freedom?