Ivor XiaoRui Zeng



This collection is a tapestry woven from the threads of my family's story and the vibrant hues of my Chinese heritage. In the verses of ancient Chinese poetry, I discovered a trove of wisdom—lessons on integrity, courage, and diligence that echo through the corridors of my memory. My mother, a beacon of strength, independence, and wisdom, ignited the fire of ambition within me.

Returning to China after years away, I found inspiration in my father's latest artwork, his delicate micro-engravings on traditional Chinese fan bones. Each stroke stirred memories of childhood dreams and the guiding light of my mother's love.
Back at Parsons, I embarked on a journey of exploring textile engraving and ink painting. My designs marry modern technology with age-old techniques, blending raster engraving techniques with hand-painted Shanshui landscapes—a collaboration with my father, a celebration of our heritage, and a testament to the enduring power of aspiration.


Ivor XiaoRui Zeng is a designer deeply rooted in philosophy and community. Her work sparks dialogues on the aspiration of life. She is renowned for fusing modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. Shaped by her upbringing in diverse international environments, she champions community and cultural significance. Inspired by her father's traditional Chinese fan bone micro-engraving and Shanshui paintings, she integrates raster engraving and hand-painted Shanshui, redefining fashion with intangible Chinese heritage. Zeng transforms tradition into contemporary artistry, transcending boundaries and enriching the cultural landscape. Using each painting and engraving to remind her wearer of their individual power.