Iris Huang


Unwavering Commitement

In the annals of history, there exist tales of extraordinary courage, resilience, and defiance against the shackles of societal norms. One such narrative unfolds in early 1900s Canton, China, where a group of courageous women, known as the Comb Sisters, stood as beacons of hope in a sea of oppression. This thesis delves into the stories of the Comb Sisters, exploring their unwavering commitment to freedom, independence, and the relentless pursuit of a better future for themselves and their community.
The  "self-combing sisters" refers to a group of women who voluntarily chose to remain unmarried for life,  emerging in the Canton region in China,spanning nearly a hundred years. During this era, the majority of young women found themselves bereft of the basic right to choose their life partners.They comb up their hair, refrain from marrying or bearing children, and make their own living. However, a hundred years ago, as one of China's earliest forms of celibacy, these "self-combing sisters,"were once viewed as "extreme" by society. They disregarded societal norms and had made a great contribution to the production of Canton Silk which takes part within the thesis collection.


Iris finds profound inspiration in the rich tapestry of human culture, and her passion for design is intricately woven into her desire to narrate stories through her creations. As an artisan of aesthetics, she endeavors for her designs to reflect the essence of humanity. Through the beauty of minimalist designs.Iris aims to beckon forth a shared empathetic resonance from all who behold her work. She believes that  fashion transcends mere garments; it is a medium for the exchange of narratives, attitudes, and an interconnectivity between each human and culture.