Haonan Li


Thesis Statement

People look forward to growing up when they're young, but spend a lifetime trying to reclaim their childhood once they're adults. I deeply cherish my childhood days, for I felt a sense of freedom and carefreeness, unaware of the complexities of the world. However, has this bliss of ignorance truly been happiness?
My graduation thesis collection, through the combination of traditional materials in different arrangements, portrays my childhood self from my current perspective. The central focus of this series is to convey personal stories and Chinese culture, intertwined with politics, all while embracing a nostalgic approach in a fashionable manner. Drawing inspiration from my childhood, this collection will primarily feature sportswear and modified school uniforms. This will include jackets, hoodies, tracksuits, t-shirts, as well as accessories and footwear made from childhood toys. These items hold collective memories for our generation.


 I am a senior fashion design major at Parsons