Hanrong Xie


Between Memories

The inspiration for this thesis collection emerged from a compelling incident upon my return from China after a summer break. I discovered that a fragrance diffuser, inadvertently left on, had been continuously emanating its scent over three months, until I came back and found the bottle empty. Interestingly, this oversight resulted in my room enveloped in a familiar scent, which immediately brought me back to three months ago, just like I haven’t left the room for such a long time.
Memories can be triggered solely by a smell, taste, visual, sound, or touch, which serve as memory-carriers unconsciously transporting us back into time. This project aims at visualizing the broad concept of memory, using a collection of clothing as a medium. By delving into this innate, often overlooked, yet lifelong human gift, the project aims to explore the profound connection between our senses and memories, and draw attention to the inherent ability of the human body to retain and evoke memories.


Hanrong Xie is a fashion designer based in New York, originally from Nanjing, China. With no familial ties to the arts, Hanrong’s relentless pursuit of a unique creative path led her to the world of fashion. Her work usually starts from her personal experiences and further explores the deeper psychological aspects of emotion, memory, and physical sensation. With a spirit that fabric is the soul of clothing, Hanrong’s designs are largely based on the fabrics, favoring natural dyes and a blend of delicate materials like silk and organza with tougher textiles like linen and wool. This blend not only reflects the strength and sensitivity inherent in her designs, but also mirrors the duality of her own personality, achieving an aesthetic that is both conflicting and harmonious.