Greta Moschata


This Is For You.

“This Is For You,”  aims to visually define American Surrealism via the question: what does it mean to be an angel in America?“The word ‘angel,’ is the name not of a nature, but of a role. There is no reason not to call a human being an angel if that person is acting as a messenger.” - Apostle Paul Indicative of any role is a uniform. As the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of  U.S. Army veterans, Moschata combines their deep personal knowledge of military dress with surreal drapes and distorted pattern making. Revealing their own kind of angel, and a surreal vision of America


Greta Moschata (b. 2001) in Washington D.C. but raised on a military base in Hawaii, began their studies at Parsons pursuing war photography. After two years in the program, Moschata's professors reccomended she seek out a 3D discipline, as she was always trying to bend their assignments into more tactile projects. Ever fascinated by the human form (once the subject of their photo practice) and an avid obssesor over the quality and construction of clothing even prior to knowing how to sew, Moschata tranferred amidst the pandemic, taking advantage of the cities labor shortage to intern and soon freealnce for various brands around New York City. Perhaps beacause she was surrounded by codes of tailoring as a military brat, a combination of tailoring, draping (often on the bias), and at times extremley complex pattern making has come to define Moschata's techincal practice. Distorting, fragmenting, and/ or transforming familiar garments such as a leather Perfecto jacket, Army trench coat, or oxford shoe whilst maintaing the technical integrity of the origin piece.