Gisselle Costa

Video: Cinematography by Peter Demas
Video: "Her Studio" Process Film shot on a 16mm Bolex
Image: Photography by Peter Demas
Models: Olivia Callender, Daniella Costa, Peter Demas, Marianna Nouss, and Julia Olney


My name is Gisselle Costa, and I am a Panamanian-American multidisciplinary designer based in Manhattan. Storytelling has always been at the core of my approach to making, as I have delved into a wide range of methodologies—from creative writing to painting to costume design—to convey complex narratives. My innate interest in different historical eras and fantastical concepts has allowed me to blur the lines between reality and fiction in order to create my own personal realm in which my work dwells. As a designer, I strive to create with an open-minded approach so that I may experiment with as many mediums and aesthetics as there are stories in the world.  

Instagram: @gissellecosta