Gigi Wong


Her Convent

Life is a constant search for our own identity, we are those before us, those around us and we will be part of those after us. We adapt to the culture and the people that surround us. We model our behaviour, our attitude, our morals after them. We become them. In Bandura' bobo doll experiment, the result shows that children model their behaviour after same-gender elders around them. Within our instinct, we recognise the link between time and wisdom.
“Her Convent”, is a step within my search for my own identity. A search for a balance between my all-girl catholic primary school upbringing and my modern-minded mother. Two contrasting values, one instilled during my childhood and one instilled during my teenage years. Two very separate ways to live life as a woman, neither fully resonates with me, nor do I fully disdain them. When they preached to me, they were still much older than I am now. Without time, there’s not enough wisdom for me to give judgement on which is right or wrong, thus I search for that balance between. The collection reflects my current definition of a middle ground between the rigid, strict, traditional environment I was brought up in and the free-spirited, modern environment my mother gave me since mid-adolescence. A search to live a guilt-free life that does not offend either of the opposing values within me.
Image: Overall my looks use contrast between fabrics to tell the two conflicting identities. Contrast in terms of fabric colour, texture, sheer versus solid. The silhouettes are rigid and straight with elements of restrictiveness, inspired by my school uniform and its atmosphere. While the details are where my mother’s modern thinking and confidence as a woman shows .


Gigi Wong, a 2024 Fashion Design BFA graduate from Parsons, boasts a multicultural background, based in Hong Kong and London, she then honed her craft in Paris and New York. Her fashion education began at Parsons Paris, immersing herself in the rich history of European fashion and gaining a strong foundation for garment construction. Transitioning to Parsons New York for the latter part of her program, she then further refined her creativity. She is passionate about garment construction and pattern making.

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