Evren Alexander Nelson


Die Neue Fall/Winter 2025

Die Neue Fall/Winter 2025 by Evren Alexander.

Video/Photography By Aysan Lamby, Featuring Juan Cruz.
„Die Neue“ (The New) delves into German Modernist Design, focusing on the essentialism and functionality of the Bauhaus movement, known for its visually minimal design langua-ge. This exploration forms the stylistic basis of my menswear collection, which aims to embody a personal narrative. The study contrasts this with an emotional exploration through an analysis of „Wings Of Desire,“ a film by Wim Wenders. Its minimalistic style and poetic narrative reveal profound emotional layers, emphasizing the stark contrast to the often perceived sterility of functional designs. This filmic exploration adds depth to the emotional narrative of the collection. The resulting menswear collection encapsulates this tension between functional rigor and deep emotional expression. It integrates the principles of Bauhaus with the rich emotional insights from the film, weaving human emotions and experiences into the design. This synthesis challenges traditional menswear boundaries and crafts a narrative that reflects my personal journey and insights into design philosophy.


Evren Alexander Nelson, a German-Turkish fashion designer from Wiesbaden, Germany, delves into his interpretation of essentialism, influenced by his upbringing and studies in modernist design. His design language aims to recontextualize the zeitgeist of today’s fashion. Evren Alexander’s design philosophy emphasizes a balance between emotional depth and an essentialist approach, incorporating an underlying narrative. He strives to eliminate excess, believing that sophistication and timelessness stem from visual simplicity. His approach reflects not only his cultural background but also his dedication to designing menswear that epitomizes a contemporary and cohesive ‚Gesamtkunstwerk‘ (total work of art).