Emily Eun Kim


The Veil of Silver

This collection celebrates the world of childhood dress-up, a pivotal stage that shaped my perspective on the transformative power of clothing. During my early years, feeling different and yearning to break free from my reality, playing dress-up offered a doorway to immerse to imaginative realms. It was a form escapism.

The heart of my collection lies in the desire to evoke the whimsical and imaginative scenarios that once danced through my childhood dreams. I hope to create a personal haven reminiscent of that innocent joy and comfort, infused with nostalgia. As wearers slip into one of my dresses, I hope to transport them back to a time where there was still solace to be found in the simple act of adorning oneself.


Emily Kim, a New York City-based designer, specializes in women’s evening wear. Her focus lies on accentuating the female form through silhouette and fit, celebrating femininity. Emily is dedicated to creating designs that make women feel cherished and loved, with meticulous attention to fabrication and comfort.

Emily views her creations as love letters to her wearers, incorporating extensive intimate, handiwork detailing. Each design seeks to evoke a sense of romance that intertwines the wearer with their own being, with the essence of her creations, and with the gaze of a chance passerby.

Photo: Lauren Cassot

Video: Sebastian Carrillo

Model: Lily Soto

Model: Tiffany Lee

Styled by: Mira Lopez