Emilio Poiré Alger



Mexican designer Emilio Poiré's thesis collection “CEREMONYA” seeks to expose the contradictions of what it is to be Latin American and Queer. Poiré believes the pursuit of understanding ourselves through nationality and gender remains a crucial journey. Merging perspectives through symbolism and a strong connection to artisanal techniques, deconstruction and queerness become a framework of reconciliation for our undefinable selves. 
CEREMONYA is proudly built alongside Mexican artisans and indigenous communities from the Chiapas Highlands through a year-long collaboration and relationship. 


Emilio Poiré Alger (b. 2001) is a New York based fashion designer, writer, and activist, originally from Mexico City.

Digging. Re-examining. Queer as a method, as an action. Bold and dedicated. Flipping, asking, scratching, tearing, breaking. 

Emilio is constantly informed and intrigued by the complexities regarding Mexican identities and gender dynamics. The power of inner femininity. The inherited self-erasure. The pulverization of the binary. 

The weight of vulnerability.

The dream of reconnection.