Elliot H X Jia


Lune Blanche

Lune Blanche is a design collection of forty eight looks that explores the spectrum of human experiences.
A circular of emotions born from these diverse affairs portrayed by four capsules each unique to its own. Capsule one, the unhinged. Capsule two, the oppressed. Capsule three, the diverse well rounded. And finally Capsule four, the manifestation of the Buddhist Naraka, Manusya and Deva. Within these capsules, nine looks are brought into production. Through each of the production looks, an unique execution technique, both classic and modern, is applied to bring forth the life of each look. 

Capsule one - The Unstrung

“Night fell-

-Eyes aglow”

Look I

The Ball Coat Dress

Poly Batted

Skirt Back

Crinoline Cage Steel Boning

Shell Sheeps Wool

The Cream Night Coat

Poly Batted

Coat Double Faced Cashmere

“While anger and hate are two things some people can cope with,

I can not.

My anger and hate grow to a level

that I can not live

comfortably with it.”

Capsule two - The Enigma

“A haunting reminder

of the depths of depravity.”

Image: Look III

The Coffin

Thermal Plastic

Cover Light Tanned Cowhide Leather
Image: Look IV

The O Legged Trousers

Wrap Shirt
Japanese Linen

O legged Trousers Cashmere

Body Braces Fosshape, Light Tanned Cowhide Leather
Image: Look V

The White Collared Bell Coat

Poly Batted

Crinoline Cage Steel Boning


Double Faced Cashmere
Image: Look VI

The Red Shirted Suit

Cochineal Dyed Bug shirt
Silk Chiffon

Bent Trousers Cashmere

Silk Lined Tailored Jacket

Merino Wool, Silk Organza

“In a mask of charm,
he hid a cunning mind,

weaving shadows with each spoken word.” 


Hell is a realm of despair,

seamlessly by Heaven’s eternal tranquility and radiance.

Between them lies Earth,

a mosaic of natural wonders and human experiences,

where complexity intertwine
Look VII

The Starved

Silk Boned Shirt
Silk Chiffon

Pleated Skirt
Japanese Open Weave Linen

“Hell is the truth seen too late.”

Earth, an echo,

Image: a testament to the mysteries and marvels hidden deeper

Image: Look VIII

The Human

Silk Lined Tailored Jacket Japanese Open Weave Linen

Silk Lined Wide Legged Pleated Trouser
Japanese Open Weave Linen
Image: Look IX

The Ring

Neck Ring
Steel Boning


Ring Cape

Japanese Open Weave Linen

“Heaven is silent because all the secrets are kept.”


Elliot H X Jia is a New York based Chinese Canadian Fashion Designer. Graduated from Parsons School of Design with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion and Apparel Design, Bachelor’s in Menswear Design from Central Saint Martins, London, and going on to acquire a Master’s degree in Textiles Design at Parsons School of Design.

He believes in individual experiences that transform into the boundlessness of one’s imagination. With this notion in mind, he actively ventures down the studies of socio-history which manifests in his works. Being experienced in tailoring and couture techniques Elliot is able to integrate these elements of conceptuality with craftsmanship, creating a unique byproduct of his own experiences with this world in the forms of stories and fashion.