Eesha Patel


Lines of Existence

This collection delves into the tension between preserving natural beauty and innovating new forms of beauty. While nature inherently holds beauty, the act of preservation introduces the potential for conflict. Inspired by a quote from my dad, “Too much of anything isn’t good,” the collection seeks to address the question: Where does the line of balance between opposing forces lie to prevent chaos and destruction?
Originally inspired by the lines and forms of Futurist fashion of the 1900s, the collection grew into a universe defined by parallel and radiating lines. These lines, intricately incorporated into the garments through pintucks and pleats, are the result of meticulous study of the human body's natural contours and radiating energies. The fabrics selected for this collection range from delicate and soft, such as silk jersey, symbolizing life's peaks, to robust and durable materials like waxed canvas, representing valleys. Striking a balance between these extremes is essential; too much emphasis on highs dulls our appreciation for them, eventually leading to chaos. The world is filled with opposition and we have to find the lines of balance in order to continue to exist.
Image: A study of the natural contours of the human body, juxtaposing curves with linear elements that highlight both the anatomical features of the female and male forms
Image: Threadwork to emulate the delicate intricacy of branches and leaves. Layered meticulously, they intertwine to establish both stability and the subtle dance between chaos and order. The fragility of the material and its proneness to breakage illustrate how effortlessly balance can be tipped into destruction.


Eesha Patel designs sophisticated garments with slight sensuality for both mens and womenswear. Her fascination with the delicate balance between chaos and order is evident in every piece she creates. Skillfully blending precise tailoring with the graceful flow of drapery, she crafts a unique aesthetic that embodies organized chaos. At the core of her creative vision lies a commitment to seamlessly merging structured elements with the fluidity of natural forms. Each creation is a testament to her artistry, weaving together threads of transience and transformation, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of the world around her.