Dylan Atwater



“All Work No Play” represents the culmination of my undergraduate studies at Parsons School of Design. This collection, conceived as a tongue-in-cheek reinterpretation of the adage “All work no play leaves Jack a dull boy,” reflects my own confrontation with the phenomenon of overwork, portraying it as a numbing, almost intoxicating experience that turns individuals into fetishistic distortions of ourselves.

Unliveable wages and hustle culture have mutated us, distorting our minds, bodies, and sexualities. This exploration manifests itself in the collection’s emphasis on cold tones and muted palettes paired with avant-garde forms and trompe-l’oiel prints. Through meticulous attention to textile development, fabric printing, and innovative pattern exploration, I use my garments to dissect the societal impact of overwork. Leveraging expertise in traditional tailoring and garment construction, the collection presents an estranged, somber reality. “All Work, No Play” invites viewers to momentarily immerse themselves in this chilling, sterile world that we have become far too familiar with.

-Dylan Atwater