Cleo Ingersoll

From a young age, I've been captivated by the act of collecting vintage items. This enduring habit has been more than a mere hobby; it serves as a conduit to experiencing bygone eras, enriching my understanding of art, nostalgia, and identity. My fashion collection embodies this journey, marrying my childhood fascination with curation to my artistic expressions. This act of collecting not only bridges the past and present but deeply engages with the concept of hauntology, suggesting that by surrounding myself with these artifacts, I enter a world where historical periods blend.
My thesis investigates how American cinema, steeped in nostalgia, shapes our perception of history - often portraying a romanticized, yet inaccurate, version of the past that influences our collective memory and identity. This exploration is critical in understanding how these cultural representations impact our grasp of reality and history, urging a reevaluation of the narrratives we cherish.


Born and raised in Manhattan, Cleo Ingersoll is an artist whose passions span film, art, and fashion design. Specializing in clothing design, she skillfully merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. What distinguishes her from other designers is her ability to infuse cinematic narratives into the fabric of her designs, crafting stories that resonate through texture and form. Pushing the boundaries of conventional garment construction, each piece from this designer is a meditation on creativity and execution. Fuelled by extensive research and a commitment to conceptual depth, every creation tells a story that goes beyond mere fabric and thread.