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[Fantasia Lab]

[Fantasia Lab] explores my relationship with an irresistible urge to escape inside my fantasies. My childhood was marked by constant changes in environments; from changing schools, cities, and migrating countries, my family moved very frequently and I was constantly plagued with searching for a sense of belonging.

Although this caused a lot of chaos and instability in my childhood, one place that remained steady was my imagination and the worlds inside them; my home. Classical music played on my violin in my youth was the catalyst to these fantasy worlds. When I closed my eyes and delved into my music, I imagined worlds filled with majestic creatures, mythical beasts and sceneries. These worlds became my sanctuary in times of uncertainty, and I often found myself visualizing these fantasies into drawings. I would illustrate my fantasy worlds and its inhabitants on every corner of papers that had any substance, most times mindlessly doodling not even realizing what I was creating.
I once believed that embracing this escapism hindered real-world success; however, I’ve realized that as an artist, it’s essential to harness my fantasies into reality. My collection is a celebration and acceptance of my fantasy worlds reinterpreted through varying degrees of  fantasy transportation, from glimpses of fantasy application progressing into the full immersion, each look highlighting intricate handcrafted elements reflecting the meticulous care of nurturing a ‘laboratory of imagination.
Image: Fantasia Lab Final Lineup (Look 1- Look 7)
Image: Close up details of the Eulysis dress. This dress features 1080 polymore clays all hand sculpted and set with a UV flexible gel sealant.
Image: Danait in "Eulysis" Look 7 signature look
Image: Eulysis front and back lookbook
Image: Look 7
Image: Look 7: In the scientist's labratory
Image: Look 1: Closeup of dremel hand-engraved denim pants
Image: Look 1: Arlo creature backpack, made with 0 waste scrap muslin, fabric cuttings, masking tape, and black yarn in look 1
Image: Look 2: Marianna wearing yeti jacket form look 5
Image: Look 2: Fullbody seamline maxi dress
Image: Look 3: Danait in Awline Denim Mini Dress with removable magnet horns
Image: The creatures of my imagination, trapped inside the glass box- a metaphor for my mind and the 'societal norms' of expectations in growing up and forgetting about the fantasy worlds that I would escape to.
Image: Look 4: close up of patchwork lace embroidery technique
Image: Look 4: Danait in the Spine lace cutout dress
Image: Look 5: Jacob in the Yeti jacket and pants- three different ways to visualize wearing this look. (left- tank vest look, Middle- Fall/Winter look, Right- Tank and double layered pants look)
Image: Look 5: Backview
Image: Look 5:
Image: Look 6 (Backview): Jinie in Chimera Mini dress, featuring air brushed double bows, and hand sewn plush figures
Image: Look 6: Marianna
Image: Close up detail shot of the hand crafted elements of the texture motifs

[Fantasia Lab] Credits

[Fantasia Lab]
Emily Chuqin Han
DOP & Photographer:
Emily J Zhang @emily.jzhang
Camera Assist/ BTS: Nicolas Tang
Shiwunan Cheng
Key Grip:
Carter Buckman
Chris Perkins

MUA: Madelyn Fox @facexbyfoxx
Elizabeth Beletsky
Charmaine Cheung
Phillip Novikov
Marianna Darlene
Jacob @Jacobsauvv
Cory King-Lewis
Phoenix Hsuen
Seraphina Pompei
Danait Mulugeta

The Process

Heavily influenced by classical music, my collection was inspired by the freeform art of illustrating my imagination to classical music. My initial sketches were 2 min creature drawings illsutrated while listening to my favorite classical music pieces and also the ones I played during my violin training. Upon the initial ideations, I took the creature sketches further and developed them into full-fledged graphite drawings that showcase the fantasy elements of my imagination in full detail.
My sketchbook pages highlight the process of working from a initial creature design, to puling aspects of that specific creature out, into reflecting those aspects onto garments.[Fantasia Lab ] Trailer tells the narrative of an artist depicted as a troubled scientist, giving in to his void of fantasies filled with the creatures he crafted in his labratory of imagination. These creatures are the end product of a lengthy iteration process, created and curated from the below pages of sketches featured in my portfolio.
Image: Look 4 inspiration, the 'Isarok' creature with its huge bird-like essence. The creature is made of hallow bone structures, hence the inspiration and development of the lacey bone inlaid embroidery patches, to reflect the hollowness of the bones of the Isarok.
Image: Fur Chimera creature that inspired both look 4 and 5
Image: Look 4 (Yeti)
Image: The fantasy creature that inspired the Eulysis look


Based in NYC, Emily Chuqin Han is a multidisciplinary designer who pulls inspiration from the intricacies of the natural world to address the complexities of identity, and the human desire of belonging through storytelling from a personal perspective. Designing for both menswear and womenswear, Emily seeks to bring whimsical and fantastical elements from her fantasy worlds into reality. Fueled by an unstoppable imagination, Emily's designs highlight intricate handcrafted elements reflecting the meticulous care of nurturing a ‘laboratory’ of imagination. 


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