Celina Parmar



This thesis delves into the intricate interplay between architecture, memories, and human emotions, as manifested in a fashion collection inspired by the principles of construction. Shaped by a childhood surrounded by construction sites , the designer perceives building processes as mirroring the complexities of emotions: both possess layers, depth, and hidden intricacies. Emotions, like structures, often present a stoic exterior, concealing nuanced layers of sentiment within. The artist is reminded of her memories with her father visiting these sites and the emotions evoked by it, brings her grief and strength at the same time. 
The showcased collection endeavors to illuminate the multifaceted textures and layers that compose the human experience. Employing fabric manipulations and materials evocative of construction, such as smocking and elements resembling solid structures, the designer fuses softness with rigid structure. Through this amalgamation, the collection conveys a poignant message: despite the fractures within our emotions, the act of weaving them together with the thread of memories renders us resilient and stronger than before.


Celina Parmar is a Fashion designer based in New York,NY and Ahmedabad,India. Celina’s work unfolds as a visual exploration, weaving together the intricate threads of architecture, emotion, and cultural diversity. Rooted in the principles of construction, their fashion collection delves into the nuanced layers and complexities that shape the human experience. Through skillful fabric manipulations and a delicate balance of softness and rigid structure, the artist conveys a message of resilience and strength, illustrating the act of piecing together fragmented emotions.

In parallel, an intriguing  spirit emerges in Celina Parmar deeply enamored with material exploration and tailoring. Influenced by brutalist and post-modern aesthetics, her menswear creations gracefully navigate the interplay between solid shapes and soft materiality, embodying a synthesis of grace and strength. Hence, Celina’s collection are mostly consistent with large amounts of smocking

Navigating the intersection of fashion and personal expression, their collective vision is to create narratives that transcend the realm of clothing, resonating with individuals at various emotional stages. Informed by cultural exploration and personal experiences, their work strives to present a visual dialogue that captures the diverse textures, colors, and styles intricately woven into the human story.