Caroline Kejia Zheng


the tales of brides, the weight of marriage, the sorrow of love

In modern society, marriage is often celebrated as a symbol of love, commitment, and the beginning of a new chapter in life. Bridal gowns, with their flowing white fabric and intricate designs, embody the idealised notions of purity, happiness, and the fairytale-like promises that accompany weddings. However, beneath the surface of this romanticised vision lies a complex reality shaped by cultural expectations, social pressures, and gender norms. 
byeCarol FW Bridal Couture collection "Killing the Bride" draws inspiration from a powerful image, saving the suicidal bride, that challenges these conventional beliefs.


Caroline Kejia Zheng, a visionary womenswear and jewelry fashion designer, is the creative force behind the innovative accessory brand byeCarol. 

Born and raised in Southern China, her designs are a tribute to her heritage, seamlessly fusing the rich tapestry of Chinese ethnic cultures with modern technology and fashion. As the founder of byeCarol, a fashion body accessory brand, Caroline channels her vision of romance, rebellion, and boldness into every creation. Her designs are a celebration of the rebellious and romantic spirit, allowing wearers to boldly embrace their true selves.

With a commitment to innovation and subversion, Caroline reshapes traditional artifacts and Eastern traditions through combining the bold silhouette with 3D printing art pieces, crafting wearable art that stands at the intersection of experimental art and fashion. Her work not only reinvigorates the concept of women’s empowerment but also honors the free-spirited nature through pieces that merge Eastern craftsmanship with modern creativity.

Caroline's philosophy—"Rebel in love, seeking and embracing the true self"—echoes throughout her designs, and guides her passionate pursuit of innovative, bold, and challenging art, expressed romantically to resonate globally and inspire new perspectives on fashion and self-expression.