Can Cui


Chou Chou

This journey outlines a creative and transformative endeavor titled "Chou Chou." It focuses on empowerment through color transformation, delving into the process of self-discovery and self-expression through fashion. Drawing on personal experiences of childhood restrictions and societal pressures, the project aims to explore the shift from conformity to individuality in one's choice of clothing and colors.
Reflecting the creator's own experiences with parental restraint, social expectations, and personal growth, it examines the evolution of fashion choices from being limited to wearing pink, red, and white to developing a true preference for green, the color that represents the true self. Utilizing a combination of research and practice-based methods, this work aims to inspire individuals to break free from societal constraints and embrace their authentic selves through fashion.


Can Cui, originally from Beijing, China, is a prominent fashion designer currently based in New York. With a background in raw material at Altuzarra and fashion production at Markarian, Can has honed their skills within the industry. During their tenure at Markarian, Can actively contributed to the creation process of garments worn by Dr. Jill Biden, showcasing their talent and dedication to the craft.

Can's designs have been featured in prestigious publications such as Bazaar China and SELIN, as well as various online platforms. Known for their expertise in exploring garment silhouettes, Can Cui continues to push the boundaries of fashion innovation.