Bihan Blanche Zhang

Video: The spotlight goes on as the stage of life raises its curtain. People put on masks and play different roles.
Image: Each look offers endless possibilities for wearing, like pieces in a free-form puzzle, where one look can be transformed into a variety of styles by switching the position and direction of the components on the clothes.
Designer and Producer: Bihan Zhang 
Director of Photography: Zaccheo Zhang
Gaffer: Qijia Li
Assistant Producer: Junwei Shi, Guang Chen
Talent: Chengbo Xing
Makeup Artist: Shan Ju Wu
Still Photographer:Jiaming Deng
Assistant: Yinghui Zhou, Cui Can, Qinyu Zhang, Youyun Shang, Kai Deng
Special Thanks: Yoon-Jong Chang, Markus Huemer


Bihan Zhang is a Chinese fashion designer who will graduate from Parsons School of Design, New York, in May 2024. During her four years in NYC, she gained valuable experience working in both independent fashion studios and high end fashion companies, like TROY and Marchesa. Her journey in the fashion industry began early, as she volunteered for fashion week in Vancouver, Canada while in highschool, driven by her passion for fashion. Bihan possesses a keen eye for inspiration, drawing from personal experiences and her surroundings. Her strength lies in developing unique and personal textiles for garments, aiming to position her creations at the forefront of design.

Her work has garnered recognition, being featured in prominent publications such as 17.23.(April 2024) and StyleCruze magazine(January 2024). Bihan's dedication to excellence was acknowledged with an award for her outstanding contributions in the 2023 Soloana Hills Student competition.