Ash Swiatek



Townhall is a collection of the American landscape made wearable. These items were discovered in Midwestern homes and on New York sidewalks in the spirit of romanticism and nostalgia, but upon deeper inspection lend themselves to problematic implications about American culture. The collection touches on themes such as sports, gender, violence, and patriotism by beautifying physical scraps of iconic American stereotypes and forcing them to coexist.
Sharp glass, tough leather, and smooth silk interact without negative consequence. Symbols of patriarchy abandon the rigid construct of gender, balancing perfectly between delicacy and power. The static spring into action while the constantly moving take a rest. Rather than solely idolizing or criticizing American culture, Townhall seeks to spark nuanced dialogue around topics that are too often polarized and disregarded.


Ashley Swiatek is a Senior graduating from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design in May 2024. Her artistic process is unorthodox and deliberate, usually starting when she finds an inspiring, often overlooked object, visualizes in detail what she'll transform it into, then works backwards from there to execute on her vision. Throughout her career at Parsons, Ashley has exhibited versatility and artisanship, mastering technical skills from leatherwork to delicates, all the while prioritizing a zero-waste approach to design, upcycling materials from countless sustainable sources and giving old items new life. She considers herself a narrative-driven artist, meticulously crafting each piece and vesting it with meaning and cohesion to overarching themes that are typically deeply personal in nature.